Owner and teacher Janine Dubbeldam

Janine Dubbeldam

I graduated in 1992 at Leiden University in Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies. After working at the Leiden University for four years, I lived abroad for 12 years on multiple continents, amongst others the Middle East.
By moving around many times I know what it feels like to have to start all over again in a new country. I do know what an important role language plays in starting to feel at home somewhere. And how difficult it can be to learn a new language.

During the years abroad I taught Dutch to our own children and to some colleagues. I really enjoyed this! Back in the Netherlands in 2008 I decided to take teaching Dutch as a foreign language to a more professional level and followed the training to be a certified teacher of Dutch as a foreign language at the Hogeschool Utrecht. A big part of the training is obtaining practical experience. July 2012 I graduated and immediately started my own company: DubbelTaal. To also be able to support companies and their non-Dutch speaking employees, I followed a course Dutch at the Workfloor at the University of Amsterdam in 2013.

I have been teaching Dutch to non-Dutch speakers from all over the world ever since and have loved every minute of it … and still do!



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