DubbelTaal cannot provide lessons anymore for ‘statushouders’ (asylum immigrants with a temporary permit to stay) that fall under the new civic integration law 2021. We are able though to help all others  seeking lessons to prepare for the integration exams.


Civic Integration Examination  

If you have passed the civic integration exam, you have obtained level A2 of the ERK/CEF (www.erk.nl).

The Civic Integration Exam consists of the following language exams:

1 Listening
2 Reading
3 Writing
4 Speaking

Besides the language exams you also need to pass the KNM exams (Knowledge of Dutch Society).
KNM consists of two parts per January 1st, 2015:

1 The digital exam KNM.
2 The Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (ONA).
This is a portfolio in which you describe your preferred job and how you are going to find a job on the Dutch labour market. You also have to take an oral exam about the portfolio.
This new part of the exam is mandatory for those wishing to ingrate and who have arrived in the Netherlands on or after 01-01-2015.
But not any more for those who fall under the new civic integration law 2021.

For more information about the Dutch Civic Integration Exams and a study loan, please go to: www.inburgeren.nl


An Civic Integrating Course at DubbelTaal

At DubbelTaal it is possible to complete an entire civic integration course, or parts of it.
You will be prepared excellently on the various parts of the examination.

An integration programme usually takes between six months and a year, but this is – besides the lessons – very much dependent on:

– your level of Dutch understanding at the start of the course
– your educational experiences ( for example learning a foreign language)
– how much time you study at home
– your motivation to learn the language.

DubbelTaal has obtained the quality label Blik op Werk – Inburgering.
This means you can come to DubbelTaal for Dutch lessons if you have a study loan through DUO.