Why DubbelTaal?

–      a focus on  personal attention and feedback
–      a focus on listening and speaking
–      small groups (max 6 students)
–      private lessons


Starting Point

What do you want or need to learn?


What do you want your employee, client or child to learn? 



A first step will always be to meet for an introduction / intake.
During the intake we will discuss:

  • What do you want or need to learn?
  • Do you want or need to do an exam?
  • How much time can you study at home?
  • What are the options at DubbelTaal (group lessons, private lessons)?
  • In addition we will assess at what level your Dutch currently stands, usually with one or more tests.

Afterwards we will decide together how many classes you will roughly need and which course material is best suited to your needs. We will also agree on the starting date and the times of class.

An intake can always take place directly.


And you?

You are able to independently, at home and in the lessons.
You are able to work with a computer (email, Word, the internet) (at home).
You understand that the only way to learn the language is by studying and practicing a lot yourself.


For your information

No classes during the short school holidays.
During the summer holidays classes may be possible, after consultation.


School holidays 2018-19

Autumn holidays           from Monday 22 October – Friday 26 October 2018
Christmas holidays        from Monday 22 December 2018 – Friday 4 Januari 2019
Spring break                   from Monday 25 Februari – Friday 1 March 2019
May holidays                  from Monday 29 April – Friday 3 May 2019
Summer holidays          from Monday 15 July – Friday 15 August 2019