Not everyone needs to take an exam.
Even so, it is important and so useful to comprehend the Dutch language when living in The Netherlands.
Communication forms an important part of daily life.
To be able to do this in Dutch will give you many advantages.

At DubbelTaal, you can choose from the following courses:

  • Beginners course A0 – A1 – A2
  • Intermediate course A2 – B1
  • Upper intermediate course B1 – B2
  • Advanced course B2 – C1

You can improve your Dutch in general, working on all of the different language skills, i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking.

But you can also focus on one of the skills.

Every course can take from several months up to one year, depending on your level of Dutch at the beginning of the course, your study skills, the amount of classes per week and how much you practice outside classes.

We will choose the course material during the intake.


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